The travel diaries: China - Yangshuo days 1 & 2

Here I am, back after a big hiatus due to an obscenely huge amount of work!

Aaaah, Yangshuo... I read about it and I knew it was beautiful but most references I found were about Guilin and how great and beautiful and touristy it was... I was not, hear me, NOT prepared for the magic and absolute beauty of Yangshuo. I have probably said this about every city/town I went to in China, but it was how I felt. Alway a wonder, a constant and new wonder at every turn of the road.

Can you tell me the views are not beautiful?
Can you tell I was always taking photos and Pedro was kind of sick of it?


 So. Many. People!!!!!

Chinese burger thing...delish!!! Street food is awesome in China. And by 'awesome' I mean cheap, diverse and delicious!

Back in the hotel...time for the girliest cocktail I have ever had... but great, really yummy!
This was all done in the same day as the Li River Cruise... we never stop because there's too much world to see and we can sleep when we are back home!

Breakfast of champions, cheers to the hotel for providing such a great selection of breakfast dishes, including chinese options like noodles and steamed buns with various fillings.

 Starting to feel more like the countryside here...the scenery changed so fast: city like one second, followed by countryside roads...

 This is one of my favourite pictures... the relaxed environment, the men just enjoying their day...

Yup, we did it! we took a ride on the bamboo rafts!!

 Felt so good to dip my feet in the water!

 I have the sexiest friends ever! *grins*

 Beautiful, right? Thanks for the wonders China.

 Noodles, white rice, lotus roots and potatoes... and beer!! Cheers to a lunch at a restaurant on the side of the road, totally recommend it!

 Straight out of a Tolkien tale... where are the Elves?

Sunset view from the hotel room... no words.

Dinner in town. Ordered eggplants, beef with veggies and rice. Yumms!

What do you do in a town know for its night/strip clubs? You go to one!
Can you tell it wasn't good? *giggles*

Enjoy these pictures. You have plenty here and I will be working on the next ones. More nature, hills and rice.

Have a great sunday.



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