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The travel diaries: China - Yangshuo day 3

A day filled with adventure. At least that's how it felt and how it feels like as I view the photographs.
In the morning, we took a loooooooooong hike up Moon Hill. It was challenging to me but after talking to an old lady (nearly 90 years old) carrying a basket full of bottles of water to sell at the top and learning she did the hike more than once a day, I decided to step up my game.

See the hole in the middle? That's where the "official" trail ends. But if you seek thrills and adventure, go beyond the "no trespassing" sign and be prepared for the best views of the area.

After reaching the hole in hill and the views are already breathtaking.

Reached the top and, once more, feeling like I'm in Middle Earth and part of a Tolkien adventure.

I made him take so many pictures, poor guy!

But I also took nice photographs of him.

China, you are beautiful! ❤️

Moon Hill, thanks for the hike! Can't wait to do another one!!

Time for a shower and quick lunch, noodles an…

The travel diaries: China - Yangshuo days 1 & 2

Here I am, back after a big hiatus due to an obscenely huge amount of work!

Aaaah, Yangshuo... I read about it and I knew it was beautiful but most references I found were about Guilin and how great and beautiful and touristy it was... I was not, hear me, NOT prepared for the magic and absolute beauty of Yangshuo. I have probably said this about every city/town I went to in China, but it was how I felt. Alway a wonder, a constant and new wonder at every turn of the road.

Can you tell me the views are not beautiful?
Can you tell I was always taking photos and Pedro was kind of sick of it?