The travel diaries: China - Shanghai, the last hours

Here they are: the pictures of the final 24 hours in Shànghǎi.

Food, temples, exhibitions, streets and people...

No photos were allowed so I can only tell you about the Propaganda Poster Art Centre. If you follow directions, you'll end up at a residential area but don't worry: there were no wrong turns and the PPAC is in the basement of one of the buildings in front of you. Their collection of posters is fantastic: a great view of China and its leaders and the view a whole country has of the outside world. Don't miss it if you're ever in town. The gift shop is perfect if you want to get some Shànghǎi Ladies postcards and small posters and even some propaganda postcards.

We also visited the Jade Buddha Temple and boy was it impressive. As the name suggests, there's a buddha statue crafted from jade alone and it's one of the five statues that were shipped back to China in the turn of the 20th century.

Lunch was just across the temple.

It was not a glamourous meal but it was speedy and satisfying and delicious. And cheap. 

We also walked around the French Concession (where the above sites are located).

Only fellow nerds will be able to guess where I went after just by looking at the picture above.
Any ideas? No?

How about this one?
I was lucky enough to be in Shànghǎi at the same time of The World of Time Burton exhibition. WHAAAT? TIM BURTON'S EXHIBITION? IN SHÀNGHǍI? 

Yup yup, true! I couldn't believe how incredibly lucky I was and so I went to see it with P !! (As he is also a fellow Tim Burton fan)

The exhibition had several sections, and different art forms, including sculptures, drawings, paintings...

I compiled some of my favourite works but to be honest there were so much more...but I don't wa t to bore you with tooooooooons of pictures.

This was the funniest/cutest section and made such pretty pictures!

To this day, my unlock screen is a shot I took of one of these walls.

After it was time to walk along the Nánjīng Dōnglù (East Nanjing Road) and embrace the chaos of people.

How cool is the building in the back? It looks like a alien ship from Mars Attack.

This was where we had dinner: nothing says "China" like a japanese tavern, right?

Heiseiya had such yummy food, I definitely reccomend and want to go back there!!!

OMG!!! So delicious!!!

This post is long enough so I'll leave some breathtaking photos of the sunrise on The Bund for next time!!
Hope you had fun reading this and looking at the pictures! 💚




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