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Images tell a story #107






Sorry for the delay, but here it finally is: last week's images. May your next days be fantastic!


The travel diaries: China - cruise

Wanna know the best way to travel between Guilin and Yangshuo? I don't mean the most effective or cheaper option. I really mean THE BEST. Wanna know?

Pack your bags, bring a fan and put on sunglasses. Prepare yourself for a cruise along the Li River and enjoy 2h30mins of spectacular views.
Not buying it? Enjoy the pictures below and let me know if I am wrong.

Such tan, much wow!!

When in China... *peace*

These are really some of my favourite pictures. I saw a lot while traveling in China, but the beauty of this  cruise will always delight and amaze me.

Words truly fail me, I can't describe this scenery.

Guess what? The cruise takes to the place in the river that is printed in the 20¥ bill. Wonders of nature in currency.

Sorry if this post seems to show nothing but green and blue, mountains and water, but the images deserved a post of their own.
The beauty does not end here. Like I said, we were on our way to Yangshuo...


The travel diaries: China - Guilin day 2

Our room at the hostel was so cute, it even had this table and pillows so we could sit by the window! For our full day in Guilin, we decided to visit Yao Mountain first thing in the morning. It has the first tourist cable-way in the province and breathtaking views.
Don't believe me? ("Ask the dishes")

What's the first thing you think about when you see these?

It was such a thrilling experience: we were hanging in the air as we tried to absorb as much of the scenery as we could. Mountains, mountains everywhere and as far as the eye could reach!

Sneaking some pictures of this awesome person!!

I have to stop but these pictures are so beautiful!! 

The Animals of the Zodiac. Which one is yours? I was born in the year of the Horse!

I feel like a hobbit about to go on a quest!!

We came down from the mountain and went to visit the old town of Daxù. Picturesque, streets sizzling with the weight of Time, as the town dates back to the Song Dynasty, making it over 1000 years old.