The travel diaries: China - Shànghǎi Disneyland

Since its opening, a lot of videos about Shànghǎi's Disneyland have been circulating around the internet: the usual vlogs plus detailed accounts about Chinese behavior that would creep anyone out! But it's a Disney park and I really wanted to spend my birthday there for once and went through with it!

We were lucky withthe weather...too lucky as it was sooooooo hot and humid!!
But the setting was beautiful and I was squealing as soon as we entered the subway and saw the sign that said "Shànghǎi Disneyland". When we arrived to the park, I was smiling and skipping!!

This is a snap of TRON's roller coaster. Fun thing: although a good park, Shànghǎi's Disneyland lacked attractions to accommodate the amount of visitors, making it almost impossible to ride anything. We looked at this ride and as soon as we saw the lines, gave up and started to stroll somewhere else.

Give the hype surrounding the movies, there had to be something Star Wars here too. It was a small pavillion filled with memorabilia to delight fans :)

Lunch was at Rapunzel's tavern. Sadly, no one started singing " I have a dream".


Mongolian beef and some chicken wings with fries!

This was probably our second ride of the day: after 90 minutes or more, we finally sat down to enjoy The Pirates of The Caribean ride. If you have been to a Disney park you know this one's usually good. But oh my, was this AMAZING!!!! You can see I am thrilled but Pedro not so much, but he was pretty happy afterwards 👍🏼

Oh, know yer knot!!!

The Dumbo ride, allowing us to have a nice view of the park at sunset!

The ceiling inside Storybrook's castle. So magical ✨

The Garden of the Twelve Friends had every animal in the Chinese Zodiac portrayed as a Disney animal. Luckily for me, it was Maximus!!

It was then time to leave as the park was almost closing. But, as it is a Disney tradition, guests are treated to a musical and visual show, projected on the park's castle. China did not disappoint and there were a lot of fireworks and the night show was beautiful!!

I will comeback one day, but there is a lot to improve and enough room to do so. Keep up the good work China, cheers for giving me a great birthday!




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