The travel diaries: China - Shànghǎi, the arrival

Ok, I'm trying to get back to the diaries and show you the rest of the photos but it's not easy! 

This post features my arrival in Shànghǎi, on the eve of my birthday!!!

Could a pre-birthday girl ask for more than this view to begin the celebrations?! A rooftop bar and restaurant with an almost clear view of the Pǔdōng skyline. Be sure to check out the Captain Bar if you visit Shànghǎi.

福州路37号, WaiTan, Hangpu Qu, Shànghǎi

So this is me, happy to be in China, pre-celebrating my 26th birthday with a clear view of one of the world's most famous skylines.
As for the birthday itself... Well, that's for next time!




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