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The travel diaries: China - Xī'ān

Finally, we are out of Běijīng and exploring the massiveness that is China!Our first stop? Nearly 500km to the west lies China's oldest Greatest Ancient Capital: Xī'ān!
Me and P spent two nights there, just enough time to capture the unique atmosphere of the city. I confess I was expecting a not so developed city, but much to my amazement, Xī'ān is almost as big and busy as Běijīng.

We stayed in a hostel in the heart of the muslim quarter and that was an amazing idea! The quarter is mainly muslim but you can find other ethnicities, just like in any other part of town. The food is amazing, combining what you'd expect to find in a chinese restaurant with that of a muslim restaurant. The same goes for achitecture. Xī'ān is definitely a worthy stop if you're ever in China. Its charm goes so much more beyond the Terracota Warriors and we'll get to those in a bit.
Street food is a-ma-zing!! 

Xī'ān is usually more poluted than Běijīng, but tere was nothing but blue s…

The travel diaries: China - days 4-6

Three more days in Beijing means time to see more beautiful places.
Nine Dragon Screen at Běihǎi Park
Běihǎi Park
Jǐngshān Park view of the Forbidden City (back view)
Tiān'ānmén Square at sunset
Lunch in Hòuhǎi
View of the Drum Tower (from inside the Bell Tower)
Deep sea fried squid and fresh juice in Nánluógǔxiàng *drooling just at the thought of how good it was*
Night view of Hòuhǎi
Old Summer Palace