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Images tell a story #111

Welcome back to the weekly posts! Have a great sunday 💙

The travel diaries: China - mountains and cities

At last, the final post about my month in China.
Before leaving Beijing, there were two missing sights from my bucket list: the Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City.
The Great Wall of China
Prior to even arriving in the country, months before actually, I found out online that camping at the awall could organised (although not completely legal). A little research and some persuasion, we managed to organise a party of 12 people and 3 dogs and set off to climb and camp at the Wall.

We hired a driver to take us to the nearest village for lunch, Jinshanling, and after to the nearest access point to start climbing.

And so it began, our adventure at the Great Wall.

Since we wanted to camp, we accessed the Wall from Hebei, a section that is basically abandoned and requires some caution as you are walking on ruins. Did stop us? No way!!

We caught a little rain as we went up, but nothing to worry.

Sorry for the amount of pictures, but believe me when I say I did make a selection and I have a lot …