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Images tell a story #90







Creeping closer

This is the general feeling I get everyday. First, I was 10 months away, then I blink and I'm 8 months away and buying a plane ticket. And now... Now I'm less than three months away from what could possibily be the adventure of a lifetime. Time is not only flying but the months are creeping up on me and whispering "Ssssurprise, it's getting closer".
I'm getting giddy and feeling like I need to read and research as much as I can. Yes, I'm sort of a control freak when I travel and I have gone to the point where I plan out and entire day of sightseeing and include two option for restaurants (both for lunch and dinner), because food is important, you know?
Like I said I'm less than three months away from traveling and I have prepared a few things for the month long journey, but the big aspects will be taken care of mid May and June.
I wanted to share this and won't go into any details but I'd like to write a timeline post with what I'm doing and …

Mid-week Inspiration

I don't know about you guys, butI haven't been feeling too inspired. Maybe it's because I'm tired or just overwhelmed at work, I really don't know. I find myself daydreaming about travels and new places to explore and missing the sun and warm days. This last issue has been resolved since the sun is shining in Lisbon and warm weather has arrived. Scratch that, seems like rain will return today. *sighs*

As for the rest...well, nothing a little Pinterest can resolve.

And if the above don't inspire you, here is one last picture:
Images taken from Pinterest

Have an awesome wednesday. XOXO,

Images tell a story #89

Hello everyone!!
Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies out there, I hope you had an awesome day! :)
I know I've been away and not posting so often, but please try and forgive me. I'll try and bring you some new posts more frequently and you can also make your own suggestions in the comment box below.
Here are the pictures of the last couple of weeks.
The How Blue Tour, Florence and the Machine, Lisbon April 18th

Best burgers in town! TO.B

Have you seen anything like this cake? See more designs and find out how to get yours here.

After recording the first podcast of the new season of Game of Thrones.
Find out more here (content in portuguese).

Have an awesome week!! XOXO,