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The travel diaries: London part 5

Helloo, hello!!

It's been a while since the trip to London and going through all the photographs took me longer than expected, so the posts took some time to upload. Plus, I'm a procrastinator at times! *giggles*
Anyway, these are the photos from our last day. After our lunch at NANDOS, that you can see here, we went to...
That's right babes! I am a biiiiig The Beatles fan and knowing I could cross Abbey Road just like they did was fun! The crosswalk itself is just like any other.

And I took the picture from the wrong side, but who cares?! I did it anyway!
What stood out immediately after crossing the street was the Abbey Road Studio. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to photograph the building but I felt a little emotional just imagining the music legends that crossed those doors. We were able to visit and photograph the shop though! (Better than nothing I'd say, right?)

Greeting us were boards with facts dating back to the 1930's!!

And i…

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The travel diaries: London part 4

Well, I hope you're not tired yet of seeing the photos of London.
These are from our last day, when we decided to take a walk in Notting Hill, visit the Sherlock Holmes Museum and....
Notting Hill

We were so lucky to have such great weather. It made the area even more charming. The houses, the shops and their was all so welcoming and nice!

Baker Street/ The Sherlock Holmes Museum

To be fair, we didn't visit the museum. We delighted ourselves inside the shop and saved a few pounds!!

Pensive poise: who did it better?

What's life without dear friends? :)

The Sky Garden
This one is a must-go!! A rooftop garden with an amazing view of town? (Provided the weather is kind enough to let you enjoy it) It's something you can do for free in a city where most attractions as overly priced, so do take advantage of this. Head over to the website and book what time you want to go (limited places per slot).

See how the building on the top left photo looks like Sauron's T…

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Have a fantastic week!! XOXO,

The travel diaries: London part 3

Hello everyone! I hope your week is starting off just great!!I felt really productive this sunday so I decided to share more photos of the trip to London.
These are from sunday, February 7th. We went clubbing the night before, so we left the hotel a little later and spent a couple of hours inside the British Museum. I heard it was a must go if you wanted to see some rarities from Ancient Egypt and I was not disappointed. Besides the Egyptian exhibition, we also saw the Asian wings: China, Japan, Korea, India, etc etc.

I took a lot of photos, seriously a lot. So, what you're seeing here are just some highlights. Something to make you go to London and visit the BM (if you haven't yet).

After the museum, we headed to the store you see above. Although they call it "korean store", I saw a lot of products I used to buy when I lived in Macau. But mostly, it's korean. An ideal destination if you want k-pop cds/dvds and/or if you want to browse through a small section of kore…