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Images tell a story #85

This was a slow week, concerning photographs. I did manage to spend the entire week wearing the same nailpolish (yeeeey), wear a super warm winter coat and enjoy dinner with friends, followed by games.

Now, let the new week begin!! XOXO,

The travel diaries: London part 2

Finally, I managed to edit more pictures. It's not easy and it's breaking my heart: I loved every minute I spent there and these amazing ladies made the trip so great!
So, these are the last pictures from saturday.
Trafalgar Square/ Chinatown

Chinatown was my favourite place in London, by far. We ended going there everyday and I was just so happy and so much at home (weird right?). We had lunch at Gerrard's Corner and bought moon cakes at Kowloon Bakery. I highly recommend both places and I'm sure there are other great restaurants there, in case you're looking for Dim Sum.
We decided to do lunch comunity style: picked a few dishes and shared everything between the four of us. This was our most expensive meal: each of us paid about 9-10£. Like I said, our most expensive meal. We drank jasmine tea. The moon cake was a real treat given it's been nearly 17 years since I last ate one. I brought two to Lisbon and they stay fresh and delicious for a long time. 

Because the t…

Images tell a story #84






Have a great week :) XOXO,

The travel diaries: London Part 1

Hello everyone!

As you've seen in the previous posts of the series, I visited London for the first time earlier this month. I had three whole days to explore the wonders of the city and it wasn't enough, I need to go back!!
At first, I thought about dividing the photos between three posts - one for each day - but turns out I had too many photos, so there'll be more than three. Here are the first impressions of a very grey but oh so beautiful London.

What a beautiful place. I loved everything you see in the pictures, even in such a cloudy and cold day.
In the first picture you can see us inside a bus but that was only to reach Westminster. We walked the whole morning, from Westminster to Horse Guard Parade, on to St. James's Park, Buckingham Palace, the Mall and finishing at Trafalgar Square. It's the statistics for the entire day: we walked 16,58km. And I'd guess most of it was done until we reached Trafalgar.

Don't miss the next posts, I'll be working …

Images tell a story #83

Hello everyone! This is pretty much a wardrobe compilation. Stay tuned for some exciting posts about my latest trip - check out my instagram for clues! @martabgsilva
February 1st

February 3rd

February 4th

February 11th

February 12th

February 13th


The travel diaries: preparations

Today's the day. I am actually inside the plane as I write this. 
Yes yes, it is my first time going there but, if I can be honest, just the idea of traveling is enough to get me all giddy and excited.
So, how did I prepare for this trip?
1. Check the weather forecast!! As inconstant as London may be, it's always a good idea to know which clothes to bring!

2. Make a list of what you need to pack!
And this wasn't even complete at the time!!
3. Bring acessories good enough to fight the cold. Use a backpack. London is cold this time of the year and very windy. Enough said. Backpacks can carry a lot of items inside and you can wear them at the airport and while you're sightseeing, keeping your back painfree. 

Well, I'll share some more tips next time. For now, sayonara Lisbon.