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Life motos

I don't know if it's because I'm turning 25 this year, because uncertainty seems a constant for young adults, with the strugle to find a suitable job and making it through, or because my life has suffered a slight change: at times I feel lost and without garanties of what's to come. I like plans, guidelines to show me the way and the finish line. I like stability, routines. And when that fails (and it has failed), confusion settles in and doubts make their appearence. Sometimes, the rug gets pulled so hard from your feet, your only chance is to fall hard on your bum, get up and change the plot.I seek inspiration (badum tss) where I can find it, and reading quotes and motos are a great therapy (for me at least). Call it a pre-birthday crisis, but I have felt uninspired and a little out of place, even. 
Let it to Pinterest to inspire someone. Some colour books with mandalas, I search for words of wisdom and confidence! :)

Have a great week and spread positive vibes!! XOXO,

Images tell a story #66

In all fairness, this is just a recap of the last three days, but there are so many photos that it didn't make sense to make this post any longer, by publishing photos of the whole week.
Here are my favourite moments from #NOSAlive '15



Have a great sunday and an awesome week'


Beauty haul

Hey hey! So, after 2 weeks of absolutely no posts, I'm back! Forgive my absence, but sometimes you need to get away, relax and come back stronger. Also, I had a huge amount of work to get done and that left me just enough time to sleep and not much else...
 So now I'm back and I have some new "friends" with me.
Sephora: one of the best places to shop awesome deals during sale season! My nailpolish collection continues to grow and now my face routine has 2 new items. 

The roll-on gel is the best! At this point, I am beyond tired and my eyes have dark circles and look puffy, so this product was a great find. After a few applications, I began noticing some changes and it's good for retouches during the day. But nothing beats a good night sleep, amen! I haven't reached any conclusions about e serum. My most problematic area is my nose and I'm always looking for serums/masks/scrubs to clean my pores. LUSH's Cosmetic Warrior and Mask of Magnaminty have produced…