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Hello everyone! Happy Monday (yes, HAPPY, fight the blues, c'mon!)!
Feeling not-so-feminine today? Depressed now that the weekend is over? I now just what to boost your mood.

I browse online a lot. A LOT really. I read articles, I check out blogs, I search through websites and page after page before going shopping. Saves me time and shows me all the options out there. As I was doing that the other day, I came across a post from a portuguese blog, Coquette à Portuguesa, showing a DVT for ARTDECO product that instantly caught my attention. Back when she was still with Marilyn Manson, I admired Dita Von Teese and her burlesque style. The porcelain doll face with such bright red lips was a look I craved and seeing that there is a makeup line with DVT's touch, made me thrilled. After knowing where the blogger bought it (THANK YOU THANK YOU!), I went looking for it and was oh so happy. Even managed to get me another YSL item!

A Candlelight powder, a Lip Lacquer and two nail polishes. T…

New Season

Hello beautiful people! I hope your "new-week-blues" have faded away a little and that you're starting to get your hopes up for the weekend that's coming!

Today I won't bring you motivational/inspirational images like the ones from monday. Instead, I bring you my favourite picks (so far) from the new collections of my favourite stores.

mini city bag, flat turquoise shoes, blouse

H&M SS14
imitation leather pants, cotton blouse, midi skirt
necklace, blouse, bracelet

Trying my best to cut down on tshirts and investing in a more lady/work-like wardrobe, my eyes jumped instantly to the blouse from ZARA and the skirt from H&M. Since my leather pants were ruined last year, I haven't been able to replace them. Although not the obvious pick for Spring, I might just buy these anyway and kick off next winter in the best way possible. The flats are being given my full attention and I'm considering buying them and the bracelet is one of…

To make you smile

Because the general idea is that everyone hates mondays, I've decided to search some happy/funny/peaceful images to help us all get through the day (or the week, comeback to view them as many times as you wish). Enjoy :)

If Corgies can do it, you should also be able to smile today! Try listening to Pharrel William's Happy. Made me dance on the way to work! ^^


Some serious love coming this way

With the new year, comes the presentation of new collections and the first images are made available.The first images BIMBA & LOLA posted on facebook didn't make me that anxious, but the snapshots in the site made me eager for spring and summer, for floathy fabrics and light colours. With a hint of black, always.

These were. My favourite, but I can't wait to actually see the collection. XOXO,

Mint and dark

After what seemed to be a very long week, I finally found the time to relax. Between the flu and work, I had no time (or patience, to be honest) to plan nice things for the blog. 

But today I did do something nice. I took pictures for an ootd-post, something that has been missing around here. Since my bf moved to Madrid, I lost my beloved photographer. But today I was inspired: it was a very sunny saturday, I was very well rested (12 hours of sleep can do that) and I really liked the clothes I picked to wear today.

I hope you like these as much as I do. :)

Shirt: H&M
Jeans: MANGO
Blue earrings: STONE BY STONE
Earcuff: H&M
Set of three rings: BIMBA & LOLA
Left hand ring: STONE BY STONE
Right hand ring: STONE BY STONE

Lipstick: H&M

I hope you have a wonderful sunday, maybe another outfit post tomorrow, how about that? :)


The sensation of real

It's not only the touch but the smell of leather that's overwhelming. The design and the lightness of the wallet combined with the vast amount of space and compartiments, makes it perfect for me. Although I did not manage to get the wallet in the colour I wanted, I found this goldish/yellow model that dazzled me.

Wallet: BIMBA & LOLA

How are you dealing with the bad weather? Keeping it stylish?

Cais da Pedra

Finding a place to go on a monday is tough in Lisbon. The initial idea was breakfast, but all nearby favourites were closed and we were forced to change our plans and find a place to have lunch. We ended up at Cais da Pedra and here's what we found:

Him, Hoodie: DC
Her, Top: ZARA Jacket: RULYS Earrings: STONE BY STONE Right hand ring: BIMBA & LOLA
Lipstick: KIKO #923
We ordered burgers with french fries and I have to say mine was amazing! I ordered a classic burger, with lettuce and tomato and it was all perfect. We then shared an apple crumble with raspberries and ice cream, making it the best possible endind to the meal. If you enjoy burgers and a nice view of the river, be sure to visit Cais da Pedra.


Beauty in a box

Hello everyone! Did you have a great weekend and are all ready to start the week?

I want to show you what came in the most recent edition of Skin Box that I received during this past week.

So far I've tried the nailpolish. The colour is amazing and super shinny! As for the AVÈNE micellar lotion, I'm curious as to how my eyelids will react, since I've been having some allergic reactions to the latest cleansers I've tried. Once I try all of the products, I'll write a little review.

Have a lovely week!