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Inspire me, inspire you!

Lately I've been thinking about Autumn/Winter collections and what I might need to buy this season. Also, after looking at some campaign photos from a few brands, I decided to share them, as they capture the essence of what I'm looking for.

 UNITED COLOURS OF BENETTON I really love the boots!


For the time being, these will serve as inspiration. Now it's time to hunt those perfect items, like a tube skirt, a winter coat and a pair of boots.
Have a lovely saturday! XOXO,

LUSH me up!

A very simple routine was used today and yet it did wonders! My face is no longer a stranger to the magic of Tea Tree or Imperialis, my faithful companions. And since my birthday, The Olive Branch became a favourite. Although the mandarins seem to steel the spotlight, the olive oil is also a star in the shower gel. I confess I didn't feel the need to use a lotion after showering today. :)
And then it was time for a beer and a lemonade (for me). They came with a plate of bread and love.

A customized heart :)
Have a great weekend! XOXO,

She wore blue lace

Black or blue, it doesn't matter. I feel like I can never go wrong with a dress in either of those colours. Add lace to the equation and for me, casual or chic, depends only on the shoes. And for tonight, flats were ideal for an anniversary. I also wore my new necklace from ACCESSORIZE.

Dress: ZARA
Right hand ring: ACCESSORIZE
Left hand ring: STONE BY STONE
Black bracelet: STONE BY STONE

Eyeliner: Control, LUSH
Lipstick: CHANEL



Today I had a crown!

Well, I know it's late but I decided to publish today's (tuesday) outfit post anyway. After seeing some inspirational photos around the web, specially on FREE PEOPLE's Facebook, I decided to try a new hairdo. It didn't turn out perfect but I loved it anyway. As for the outfit, as casual as it gets!

Top: ZARA Shorts: LEVI'S Shoes: CONVERSE Scarf: BERSHKA Ring and earrings: STONE BY STONE Necklace: ACCESSORIZE
Lipstick: KIKO

Click on the link to see how to do the hairdo:
Did you like the hairdo? Have you tried it?

Going roman

For my birthday I got an amazing pair of roman sandals. My previous roman sandals ( ruined last summer) were the best: super comfy, casual and chic with beads and a metallic application on top and they were black. Ever since warm weather arrived, I've searched for the perfect pair of roman sandals to replace them. The problem was that most models I liked were only available in brown and I can't stand that colour. So when I saw these I was thrilled and bought them right away! Luckily for me, they're the same brand as my previous ones!

They were the perfect shoes to pair with today's outfit for a late sunday lunch!

Shorts: LEVI'S
Round earrings: STONE BY STONE
Long earrings: STONE BY STONE

Eyeliner: Independent, LUSH
Lipstick: Paradis, CHANEL

Have a lovely week!


Shopping lately

Hello lovelies! 
Since sales' season is still on, I still take a peek at what's left on the shelves. I'm always hoping to find some amazing lost products :) And this week I did!

Since a friend told me that SEPHORA has very good deals on very good products, I try to stop by and take a look every once in a while. And I wasn't disappointed with what I found!
Another place I like to check out is THE BODY SHOP. Their latest promotion is "3 for the price of 2" and thanks to that I bought everything I need to take care of my body and paid almost nothing. But this week I wasn't looking for that promotion and was amazed to see that they still have the Lily Cole Limited Edition products. And ON SALE! 

Lipgloss and Eyeliner: THE BODY SHOP

I must admit: I'm not the biggest fan of mascaras and I tend to have allergic reactions very easily. But this one has really surprised me and I like the fact that it has some glitter as well.
As for the lipgloss and…

Outfits are back!

Hey everyone! I've been behind on my outfit posts and now that I'm back in Lisbon, everything will be back to normal. And here's yesteday's outfit!

Dress: PULL & BEAR Shoes: FLY LONDON Bag: TOMMY HILFIGER Shades: RAY BAN Aviators Earrings: gift
As Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother once said, "It's never too late for a sundress". 

Camping and music!

Hello lovely people! I'm so sorry for being away for so long! After a week relaxing and listening to some music, I'm back in Lisbon! And here are some pictures of my days in Vodafone Paredes de Coura '13 music festival!!

After a very long car trip,we reached our destination and enjoyed a very relaxing week! Sunbathing near the river, drinking apple cider, music during the night... Sadly, this year the concerts weren't so good and I could only enjoy the last night, when Belle and Sebastian and Justice showed up! Those were my favourite concerts, without a doubt!

Now I'm back, enjoying the great weather and ready to blog!




Hello pretty people!
Yesterday was my birthday! Yey!!
Friends and family came for lunch and everything went perfectly! Even Paco (our pup) was here! The day ended with one last surprise: my boyfriend took me to dinner at Hard Rock Cafe! Here are some pictures of the day:

I absolutely loved my day and thanks to everyone who was a part of it!
Now I'm about to start the last adventure of the summer: Paredes de Coura '13 music festival!! I was supposed to leave today but there were some last minute issues so I'm going tomorrow and I can't wait! I will be back on sunday but until then I won't be able to post anything! I'll be completely off the grid so why not take a look at some of the older posts? :) 
Also, while some people celebrate the number of followers, today I'm celebrating the number of views the blog has! Today we reached 10.000 views since the blog was created. 1000 views per month is amazing and it wouldn't be possible without any of you guys! And th…