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When the sun goes down

This was the unsaid deadline. My boyfriend worked until 3pm today and we decided to hit the beach afterward. I'm more a morning-beach-person, but the afternoon was just perfect. We managed to arrive a little before 5pm and we left right after sunset. Plus, I wore my new bikini!

Bikini: OYSHO
Maybe tomorrow I'll take more pictures of the bikini :)

Oh them maxis

My love for maxi skirts started last summer, when I bought my mint maxi skirt from ZARA. It has two openings on the sides, the fabric is light and fluid and the colour... Well, it's mint and I love it! Also, I was thrilled when I found out they redid the skirts for the F/W collection and bought myself a burgundy one!


Who said mondays are gloomy days, was clearly wrong!

Two weeks away

That's right! That time of the year when I feel like five again is here. My birthday is in two weeks and I'm feeling pretty excited! Not only because it'll be my birthday but also because the next day I leave for the Paredes de Coura music festival!! 
One thing I really like about my birthday is making a wishlist of things I need/want and hoping to get the things as presents or buying them as treat myself! So here it is, my LUSH wishlist for my birthday!

I have tried all of these products and I can tell you just how amazing they are! The wonders they did to my skin are unbelievable and I can't wait to get my hands on everyone of them and treat my skin like royalty! As for the body conditioner, you can read the review I made here; it's an excellent product!

Have a great saturday everyone!


Friday in Wonderland

I don't remember how I found out about Poison d'Amour. Maybe in Vogue, maybe on facebook, who knows. Ever since I saw pictures of the place I've been wanting to go there: the decoration is very french, like a scene taken from Marie Antoinette, and the same can be said about the food. From pastries to miniature cakes and of course, the macarrons. Located near the Museum of Natural History and its botanical garden, the pâtisserie has a lovely terrace in the back facing the botanical garden. It's an amazing place to go and relax for a while, since no traffic noises reach the terrace. And the outside decoration? Well, see for yourself :)

Top: PULL & BEAR Shorts: H&M Bow: SEPHORA Star earrings: BIMBA & LOLA Black earrings: STONE BY STONE Black bracelet: STONE BY STONE Ring: STONE BY STONE Necklace: portuguese jewelry
I recommend a visit to Poison d'Amour, either with friends or a moment for two, it's very nice. They also serve brunches and I'm considering try…

My reviews: LUSH's Ro's Argan

Well, it's been a while since I did a post about a review. Usually I tend to incorporate my opinions about specific products in a larger post, but not this time.As you might have noticed, I love body and beauty products. I also love to get good products, so if that means I have to pay a little more, I'm fine with that. What matters to me is the results I get.
I'm a recent fan of LUSH. It started off with a gift from my best friend and now it's a place I go to if I need a good and visually beautiful gift. Also, it's a place where I buy some makeup and where I'm always welcome and greeted with a smile. That being said, a while ago, the girls at LUSH gave me a sample of Ro's Argan Body Conditioner and I didn't try it until today. If you are a usual customer at LUSH, you might have seen it on the shelves or even tried it yourself, who knows. I tried it today and was absolutely delighted! I mean it! 

You apply the conditioner to your body as you normally would…

Beautiful Lisbon

Yesterday was a beautiful day and I went to my favourite terrace in Lisbon. The music was good, the food was perfect and the company was the best! If you're ever in Lisbon or you live here and need a nice place to relax and have an iced tea, Clara Clara Café is the place to go! Besides the terrace, there's grass where you can lie down and read a nice book.

Top: PULL & BEAR Shorts: OYSHO Flip flops: HAVAIANAS Bag: flea market in Madrid Shades: H&M Necklace: BIMBA & LOLA Earrings: STONE BY STONE

Sunday in denim!

I can't tell you just how happy I am to have found these shorts! Seriously, a pair of denim shorts was on my list for a long time and these are just perfect! Perfect for a walk out on the weekend, ideal for festivals, put on a pair of high heels and they look great... Thank you LEVI'S!

Top: H&M
Shorts: LEVI'S
Necklace: traditional jewelry

Lipstick: CHANEL, #39, Paradis
Body Lotion: THE BODY SHOP
Eyeliner: KIKO, #112

Yesterday I did a little shopping: sales' season has officially kicked off and I kicked off my purchases as well! Since I went to the only place in Lisbon that has LUSH, I couldn't leave without something, now could I?

Tshirts: PULL & BEAR
Bubble bath: LUSH, Pop in the bath

And now I'm off to bed, tomorrow begins early: it's beach time! :)



Back in pink and strawberries!

Hello everyone! I know I haven't been around much but I'll try to change that, starting today!
So, to begin why not an outfit post? :)

Skirt: ZARA
Necklace: Evenstar found on EBAY
Grey earrings: H&M
Red earrings: STONE BY STONE
Left hand ring: STONE BY STONE
Right hand ring: local shop

Eyeliner: Control, LUSH
Lipgloss: Jalousie, CHANEL
Pink nailpolish: KIKO
Blue crackle: KIKO



P.S.: Got any plans for the weekend? Share them and any ideas for weekend plans!

There's no bigger sorrow than to be blind in Granada - Around town

This is the final post on the Granada series. It contains the pictures from the rest of the trip, taken all around town :)