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Last one

This is the last post of 2013. As the hour gets closer and closer, we all send our wishes for an even better year to those we hold dear (I'm behind on that part, actually). Remembering all that happened to me this year, I just hope I continue to have the opportunity to work with amazing people and talented musicians. Just like every New Year, I hope to travel and discover the world a little more than I did this past year. Also, I hope to continue to work and do what I recently discovered I love and, as a final wish, I hope this blog grows a little more next year and thanks to all who have been around!
The following pictures were taken yesterday at Jardim da Estrela and Campo de Ourique.

Shirt: H&M Jeans: MANGO Coat: UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON Boots: CAT Necklace Evenstar: EBAY

Find this amazing cookie store on I tried a few and they were great!!!

Have a great New Year's Eve, enjoy the night and party well into 2014. XOXO,


Apparently I'm being really lucky this season. Right on day one of sales' season I managed to get the pair of jeans I wanted from MANGO (the whole store had 50% off, it felt like a jungle). Found them underneath a pile of non-jeans, far from where they were supposed to be and exactly the last pair in my size! After that, I walked around and went to a couple of other stores only to end up at H&M and find the shirt I've been wanting so much at a very nice price! I love the jewel-tone and the detail on the collar!!

LUSH is a nice place to visit right now. I brought home a little Stardust and some Angels Delight to brighten my days until next winter.

Stardust contains:
- Snow Fairy Shower Gel
- Candy Mountain Bubble Bath
- Star Light, Star Bright Bath Melt
- Snow Fairy Sparkle Massage Bar
- Space Girl Bath Bomb
- Rock Star Soap

Have you bought anything in the winter sales?
Have a lovely week everyone!



After Christmas

After Christmas is time to clean up the mess and the dishes and get ready for New Year's Eve. But before I dive into the outfits and the plans, here's what Santa got me this year:

LUSH and THE BODY SHOP well represented under my Christmas tree this year.

How about your Christmas? Did you get what you wanted?



I have no soul.

Do you know that saying "Gingers have no soul"? Well, since yesterday I seem to have lost mine. Fulfilling a very old wish, I became a ginger!

Inspired by the looks of Christina Hendricks, I changed my hair colour and changed my haircut and length. More pictures are on the way! For now, here's my view for the next hour and a half!

Merry Christmas to all of you, best wishes and lots of great food and company! :) XOXO,


Because it's Monday and I'm lazy and craving comfortable clothes. Jeans, tshirt and a flanel shirt to channel my inner grunge spirit! And red, this time of the year, red seems to be mandatory in one way or another.

Jeans and tshirt: PULL & BEAR

Also, because Christmas is almost here, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!



Wishlist #2

Day by day, Christmas draws near. People get more and more desperate to find the perfect gifts for their loved ones, but not me. I smile 'cause I am nearly finished with my Christmas' shopping, yey!! And that is a great thing, 'cause my only free time is after dinner hours and by that time I'm so tired I just want to get home and call it a day.

I already showed you my BIMBA & LOLA wishlist, here. Can you guess what #2 is all about? :)

LUSH!!! I just couldn't leave out this beloved brand from my Christmas' wishlist (or any list)!

Glamour Lipstick
9 to 5 Cleaning Lotion
Snow Fairy Sparkle Massage Bar
Ro's Argan Body Conditioner

The lipstick is a favourite and mine is almost to an end so it's a good thing Christmas is around the corner. I have been trying out new cleansers, since my current one has started to leave burn marks on my eyelids. Not good. 
Massage bars I have tried two and absolutely love the results. Works just like a body butter and what better t…

Style crush

We have crushes, idols we look up to. Because of their actions, their ideals, their style. And this is the point that matters here and now.Whenever I see an editorial featuring this model, I read it. A gallery of pictures? Immediatly look for the "View All" button. She is an inspiration to me when it comes to style. Red lips, very casual and simple outfits and a lot of flats but also sophisticated and glamourous looks. Oh, and aviator sunglasses too. Plus, she's an Angel.
Who is she? Miranda Kerr.

Here are some casual outfits to inspire us all ( from PINTEREST). I wish you all a good night!


As more and more my hair desperatly cries out for a cut, I wonder which path to take: the safe familiar road of long layered hair or should I take a chance and go for a shoulder lenght straight cut? PINTEREST had some interesting ideas, although I'm not sure, since my hair tends to get frizzy and has a lot of volume. And the shorter I cut it, the harder it gets to conceal it.

Thoughts, anyone? Have a lovely week!!

Wishlist #1

With a little help from this be-a-utiful playlist, I'm getting into the holiday spirit. Although my country has only a few regions with snow, the cold windy days are present and luckily there hasn't been any rain so far, only sunny days! Perfect weather for a hot chocolate or a delicious cup of tea!

Wishlists are always present this time of the year and I'll be showing you my first.

All from BIMBA & LOLA
A wallet, a most wanted wallet to accompany me for many long years so I don't have to look for a new one every year. Two different vanity pouches but I'm leaning towards the blue one because the pup reminds me of our dog, Paco. A black leather bag; a girl can never have too many black bags, or bags in general!

This is my first wishlist for this season. Hopefully I'll be inspired by the Christmas joy and more will come! Have a lovely sunday :)



Latest inspirations

I should really call it shopping, but inspirations sounds nicer and mysterious, right?
Some items have already been featured in previous posts but I didn't really show them individually.
The finding of a long wanted simple black belt for my BIMBA & LOLA trousers, the return of a favourite body lotion and some nice cozy items for the winter; now what's left is to wear all of these and wear them well.

Belt and cardigan: ZARA
Shower gel and body lotion: THE BODY SHOP
Socks and beanie: OYSHO
Nail lacquer: KIKO

Have an awesome FRIDAY and start the weekend just right. Any plans? Share them and I'll share mine as well!



Furry friends

I have always loved hats. Black ones are always great, small or big ones, berets, you name it. The one thing I could not get myself to wear was beanies.So far this winter, I've bought two. I don't know what happened, but I could not pass the opportunity to buy them. OYSHO always finds a way to surprise me.

Also, here's my newest purchase: a coat from UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON. Meets my every need, protects me from the cold and goes surprisingly well with a lot of unexpected colours.
Have a lovely sunday and enjoy this first day of december.


And it's Monday again!

After a few days spent in Madrid, I am now back in Lisbon and ready to resume my duties! But before that, here are some pictures taken in the spanish capital.
(This one was actually taken in october, holding my boyfriend's double bass outside his school.)
( Our dinner date, at FOSTER'S:) )
Ángeles Santos, A World

The last set of pictures were taken at Museo Reina Sofia, where Picasso's Guernica is. Visitors are not allowed to take pictures of that part of the museum, so I cannot show the painting. After seeing it for the second time, my feelings remain unchanged: it is an amazing painting, overwhelming in its size and in the symbols it helds. Really worth the visit and on sundays you can visit the collection for free ( from 2:30 pm until 7 pm).
Jumper with sheep: OYSHO White scarf: MANGO Leather jacket: BLEND SHE Skirt: H&M Boots: UGG


Back in Madrid

I know I've been a little M.I.A so here are some pictures of what I've been up to.After arriving on thursday, there wasn't much to do so the night went on with a nice meal at home and some Criminal Minds episodes. But I managed to have some hot chocolate at AUDREY's shortly after arriving.

Yesterday was spent walking around in the afternoon, while at night we went to a cozy gathering to celebrate Saint Cecilia, patron of musicians. 

(some stores in Fuencarral Street)
And now, before going out to have dinner, I'm enjoying some black tea and my new purchases!

KIKO Quick Dry Nail Lacquer #819 & #803 LUSH Rose Jam Shower Gel MARIAGE FRÈRES Black Marco Polo Tea
Have a wonderful weekend!! XOXO,