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Merry Goodies!

Here are some things you can find in stores.
What do they have in common? The theme.

Winter is coming and Christmas is all around us!

Item #1 - Cookie Cutters from ACCESSORIZE

Item #2 - Snowman Washball from THE BODY SHOP

Item #3 - Pudding Washball from THE BODY SHOP

Item #4 - Reindeer Washball from THE BODY SHOP

Item #5 - Father Christmas Bath Bomb from LUSH

Item #6 - Mr and Mrs Frosty from LUSH

Item #7 -  Jumper from TOPSHOP

Item #8 - Jumper from H&M

 Item #9 - Jumper from TOPSHOP

Item #10 - Socks from TOPSHOP

 Item #11 - Pj from WOMEN'SECRET

Item #12 - Knickers (x7) from WOMEN'SECRET

Have a merry Thursday!


Tuesday Lush!

Ah, what a good thing to wake up and see a blue sky and, after so many grey days, the SUN! That's right, sun is shining in Lisbon!

Yesterday I made a little selection of gift boxes from LUSH. Although they make great gifts, there are other things in the shop you can buy to make your own gift box. Since I love shops that fight against animal testing and use all sorts of community trade products, I'm constantly buying bags that promote those things. Like this one:

LUSH, 10€

It's nice and makes a good gift bag. Here are some suggestions of things I would LOVE to get in a bag like this (hopefully you too!!) :

Bubblegum Lip Scrub, 7,25€

Snow Fairy Shower Gel, 9,95€

Lovely Jubblies Breast Cream, 23,95€

Woosh Shower Jelly, 4,9€

 Mmm Melting Marshmallow Moment Bath Melt, 5,15€

 The Enchanter Bath Bomb, 4,95€

Think Pink Bath Bomb, 3,75€

A Million Kisses Lip Tint, 8,10€

These are probably the products in the website that interest me the most. I have some bath bombs waiting to be tested, hopeful…

It's Monday!!

Here's to a new week! Here's to having a smile on your face when everyone around is mad it's Monday. I don't care if the skies are grey and it's cold all around! Here's to a positive attitude!

Now, moving on to interesting I decided to take a good care of myself. And my day started with these goodies:

my shower jelly WOOSH and my facial scrub OCEAN SALT, both from LUSH; and my soft and scented Lotus and Frangipani Flower Body Puree from THE BODY SHOP.
These were followed by me leaving the house on a hurry. But I stopped by the mirror and put the following on:

SHEPORA Long Lasting Liquid Eyeliner (black), H&M Lipgloss and THE BODY SHOP Candied Ginger Lip Balm. The balm is from last year but aparently TBS brought it back and with a new design: it has the Gingerbread Man on the lid!! So cute *.*

And I decided to take a walk today. I went to a typical tourist spot in Lisbon, with lots of cool monuments and coffee shops and bakeries: Chiado. And there&…

Sunday Help!!

I know it's late but...can anyone tell me how I can get a customized Facebook button to put on my blog? You know, the one that links the blog to its Facebook page...It's really getting on my nerves, I can understand anything in the Facebook instructions and I don't want to add a bunch of buttons...just a cute little one, for Facebook.

Anyone able to help me? pwetty pwease? ^^

Anywaaay... today was an absolutely boring day. It was raining all day long, there was almost no day light. Plus I stayed inside all day, so I'm bored...a lot!

And it's cold...and all I want to wear are big coats with fur or a very warm fabric to get me through the day; boots are also nice, particularly my CAT boots or a pair of UGGs; leg warmers, my new best friends; and I could go on, but everyone knows it's cold. So I'll skip to the images to keep everyone dreaming of warmth and comfort...

Can't you imagine yourself here?

This military coat has been on my wishlist for a while now...…

An inspiring post

Inspired by a post from The Trendy Chic blog, I decided to try something new on my nails. Thanks a lot for the tutorial Scarlett, I loved it and decided to try it. Since I don't have a Twitter account, this is my way of showing you my version of the Fishtail Nails

It was fun doing this and if anyone wants to try it, check out Scarlett's tutorial!



Weekend - Day 1

Well, I must say I've been very busy today! The day started very early ( 9am) with a yummi breakfast with my honey! Although it was raining, we had a nice outdoors breakfast with a wonderful view of the river. 

 My perfect CAT boots! Warm, black and perfect for rainy days. And my Oysho jumper!!

It was really raining. A grey day. But that didn't stop me!

 Yummi breakfast! Croissants, hot chocolate and something with coffee and milk (I don't now the name, haha).

My hair, my lovely jumper and some green in the back. Geesh, I love this jumper! It's the perfect thing for cold days and it's really soft!
Clara Clara, open from 10am to 7pm everyday!

And it seems like they have Miso Soup!mmm

And now that I'm home, I'm going to have some fun and try something new on my nails.

Pink, blue and yellow, all powered by KIKO
I must say, these are some of the best nailpolishes I've tried! The colours are great, the paint lasts a lot of days...perfect! :)

Well, it's nail ti…

Thursday in little bits