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Christmas has passed, bring on the New Year!

I barely have time to do anything these days, I'm really sorry! But I had to blog today, it's been too long!!

I hope you all had a good Christmas, with lots of good stuff and great company; I know I did!
And how about 'em presents, huh? Was Santa a generous man? As for me, I had just what I really wanted. Here are some pictures of my Christmas ^^

 Santa (aka Mommy) brought me the Snow Fairy Showe Gel and other LUSH happy!!  And also, my new bunny polar blanket!

  Mango Cheesecake with Passion Fruit, Honey and Lemon (if I'm not mistaken)

Meet our Christmas Miracle. This poor fella was alone for more than a month. His cage was filled with so many things and so little food and no water. We found him on the 25th and brought him home. The good thing is he seems to be healthy and he eats and runs all day. Hopefully, in no time, he'll no longer be skin and bones! :)

 I confess I wasn't expecting this last gift. A refill of Marco Polo black tea for the busy days a…

Ahhh sweet rest!

I just saw it's been 10days since my last post....god I'm busy and tired!

Anyway, just wanted to share my first Xmas gifts!

White Chocolate Snowman from HUSSEL

A silver ring from STONE BY STONE.
Gotta find out the name of the stones in the ring!


And since I'm waiting for a chance to publish more stuff and for an opportunity to think about it, here's a song I hear while I'm working:

Have a good weekend and a Merry Christmas! ^^



At last

At last, I'm posting again! I have to say I've been a busy bee, I just started working and I barely have time for anything other than sleeping!

But, getting down to business, let's talk FASHION!
After a long and tough search (or maybe I wasn't looking hard enough), I found the eyeliners I was looking for! I needed a green and a blue one but I hoped to get an awesome WOW! factor. And I did!

They cost 6,9€ each and are amazing! Here's how they actually look:

 Pretty cool right? :D

Also, I felt the need to buy me some earrings. Where did I go? ACCESSORIZE, of course! They had a promotion that was irresistable!

I had to buy the Oriental Enamel ones, featured so many times in my posts!

And finally, there was something else in my wishlist I wanted so much... remember the red skirt from ZARA?

Baby has arrived and it is gorgeous!
The only problem was what coat to wear with it. I'm glad to say H&M had the peeeeeerrfect solution!

The perfect combination of formal and casual. I…

Merry Spirits

Are you feeling the Christmas' spirit, dearies? Is it cold? Is it raining or snowing?
Well, the weather here isn't very joyful, but found some good spirits in me and hung my Christmas' stockings.

Still in the mood, I went looking for some seasonal decorations. Here's what I found at ZARA HOME:

Find them here.
And for the candle, click here.

And I leave with a little image I found on facebook.



Tuesday with a little Tease

Enjoying my first day off from work, I went with a friend to a bakery called TEASE. It's a rock 'n' roll bakery (so they say) and in fact, the only reason I noticed it was because they were playing Guns N' Roses one night (it's open until 11pm, perfect for a snack at night).
But here's the thing: although they call themselves a rock 'n' roll bakery, the inside suggests a whole different thing! The decoration is very vintagelike, the food looks delicate and yummi... Cupcakes, muffins, milkshakes and teas, toats, salads, all of this to the sound of Florence and the Machine, Friendly Fires and many others. Perfect for an afternoon with a friend or a date with your sweetheart!

This time, pictures will be mainly of food but more will come, featuring the decoration and furniture!

Yummi dreams,


P.S: Any additional information about the place, click here!

Once Upon A Time Looks

As I was watching the 4th episode of season 2 of Once Upon A Time, I saw some pretty clothes. I have to say the Red/Ruby and Belle are two of my favourite, specially if we're talking about clothes.

Doesn't Ruby look amazing in those leather pants and red blouse? Gotta get me a red blouse!!! And Belle's vintage look? And to think I have a dress like hers, only a little darker!
Anyway, I loved these outfits and felt like I needed to share them!

Nighty night,