Cause in my head in my head, I do everything right
When you call when you call, I’ll forgive and not fight

Because ours are the moments I play in the dark
We were wild and fluorescent, come home to my heart

In "repeat" mode.

Photo Diary no. 2

Losing myself in the beauty of the sea on a stormy day, the roads of Sintra and the raindrops in Cascais. Feeling the sand and sun on a brief appearance of a winter's sun.
Finding joy in the wonders of nature.


Photo Diary no.1

Waited several minutes before capturing this. Totally worth it.
Good things take time.



I am not great with words and I am not one to make long written essays about new year's resolutions.I did my thinking on NYE, while I enjoyed a nice serving of sushi and watched all 6 Star Wars episodes. Yes, 2017 was not a good year for me, for many reasons and no reason at all. I felt out of place, out of my own game and unbalanced in a general way. So that's that and it's done.
Enter 2018: I have this thing with even numbers and I am specially fond of 4 and 8. So that immediately makes me feel like this is going to be a great year. I have some projects lined up and some ideas of what I want to accomplish. See? Small text, not great with words. Done!
Will I try to write more often? I will, but I make no promisses. Work consumes most of my time (and space in my head) and, in case you did not notice, I started learning chinese and sh$t's real this year. Meaning I am more and more tired and I don't want blogging and writting to become an obligation.
I will try to update…

Images tell a story #111

Welcome back to the weekly posts! Have a great sunday 💙

The travel diaries: China - mountains and cities

At last, the final post about my month in China.
Before leaving Beijing, there were two missing sights from my bucket list: the Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City.
The Great Wall of China
Prior to even arriving in the country, months before actually, I found out online that camping at the awall could organised (although not completely legal). A little research and some persuasion, we managed to organise a party of 12 people and 3 dogs and set off to climb and camp at the Wall.

We hired a driver to take us to the nearest village for lunch, Jinshanling, and after to the nearest access point to start climbing.

And so it began, our adventure at the Great Wall.

Since we wanted to camp, we accessed the Wall from Hebei, a section that is basically abandoned and requires some caution as you are walking on ruins. Did stop us? No way!!

We caught a little rain as we went up, but nothing to worry.

Sorry for the amount of pictures, but believe me when I say I did make a selection and I have a lot …